Project no. 2014-1-RO01-KA203-002961
– “Connection between accounting research, education and the employers’ needs within the European framework” (CAREER)

Project Total Duration: 24 months
01.09.2014 – 31.08.2016




The main reason behind the CAREER project is that in all partner countries within the project there is the need to have a network that connects the field of finance and accounting through research, education and labor market.

During the last period we have been confronted with problems related to education and research within the economic and financial context, for which there were found no general and well-defined solutions and, therefore, it is necessary to initiate learning partnerships, intensive debates, exchanges of expertise and best practices related to the sustainability and the important role of education &research in the academic environment.

The emergent EU member states have been encouraging to reduce significantly the funds allocated for education and training, with subsequent adverse effects on quality and access to information, exchange of best practices, research, etc; the reduction of the funds allocated for education, research and information with the aim of cutting down on public expense is actually threatening the future of the next generations and increasing Europe’s vulnerability to global competition, one solution consisting in the innovative and efficient attraction of research funds on a EU level. Accounting education & research are one of the sensible subjects, for which small amounts were directly allocated. In this context we put under question the sustainability of the accounting education for which the project wants to find solutions through learning partnership and knowledge exchange with European dimension.

In this context we want to emphasize the sustainability of the European accounting education&research in the Information era, based on low funds information instruments with a range of technological tools available online as freeware, or at most, low cost software. The project promotes an inter and multi-disciplinary framework that best relates to the latest trends in science & technology, economy and society.

The project has a direct impact on students, as well as the education and research providers but also on civil society-as users of the accounting education and research process, since they have great impact on competitiveness, growth and employment, as Lisbon strategy key areas and Horizon 2020 goals.

Also the project aims at the development and cooperation at European level in lifelong learning, notably in the context of the new strategic framework for cooperation in the field of education and training (E&T 2020), promoting a peer learning culture, i.e. observation, exchange and mutual learning on experiences of common interest at the EU level. It encourages discussion of relevant themes and develops quality approaches and transparency of education and training systems to increase the cooperation between organisations involved in accounting education and research according to the employer’s needs throughout Europe. The project aims to increase the adult education volume as regards the knowledge improvement  and to support the mobility of participants.

CAREER project responds to the educational needs of the main TARGET GROUP: teachers, researchers, students and professional groups in Europe as well as to help provide adults with pathways to improving their knowledge and competencies.

Therefore, the following CAREER project main objectives will be achieved during the project life:

O1. To increase the adult education volume as regards the knowledge improvement related to the CONNECTION BETWEEN ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND THE EMPLOYERS’ NEEDS WITHIN THE EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK.

O2.  To create a long-term partnership among the partners and to improve the partnership quality as well as stimulation of the academic- business partnership.

O3. To increase the cooperation between the partner organisations involved in accounting education and research according to the employer’s needs throughout Europe.

O4.  To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning as well as to improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organisations.

Specifically, the project CAREER corresponds to the general objective of the thematic area Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in higher education proposed by Erasmus Plus Programme, namely Policy priorities for higher education from 2011 EU Higher Education Modernization Agenda because it proposes to support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at international, regional and local level.


  • O1. Methodology and procedures for target group  and pilot companies selection, monitoring and progress management, Internship agreement, Peer Mentor Application and Peer Mentor Contract
  • O2. Open educational on-line resources – network
  • O3. E- Network center for consultation and research
  • O4. Direct research/ consultation for pilot enterprises consisting in studies, analyses directly implemented (3 pilot enterprises in each country)
  • O5. Policy recommendation for finance-accounting  graduates to stimulate the increasing rate of their  employability
  • O6. Interactive website
  • O7. Best Practice Guide on Partnership between Research, Academia and private companies